Systems Online supports electronic parts catalogs software for multiple Operating Systems and platforms.  With the emergence of of the internet the majority of users are driven to the online instances of the EzParts Electronic parts catalog and the reliance of offline versions has significantly reduced each successive year. The current apllications support by / offered by Systems Online are below:

EzParts Web (Online internet based electronic parts catalog) In addition to the base code there are two platform specific code branches that will be replaced by EzParts Mobile Web. Expected to be released Q2 2020.

EzParts Web iOS  (Expected EOL Dec 2020.)

EzParts Android  (Expected EOL Dec 2020.)

EzParts Mobile Application For Android and iOS

EzParts Distributed Application for Windows.

While significant improvements and functionality modification requests are made to the EzParts Web Application especially when related to branding and OEM Specific features, Our change policy for the EzParts Distributed application for Windows is that the minimal number of functionality changes will be made to this application.  These changes will be determined not by manufacturer requests, but by Operating System and Technology requirements.  The reasoning for this is that the Web Applications are designed to have more features thereby driving the users to the internet where they have not only the most up to date data but more features and greater ease of use and features.