Method of copying new hotspot information to other schematics that share updated image is applicable for manufacturers that use the same image file for more than one resource in database. It involves running of SQL query in MSSQL Management Studio. To use this method you should have at list one schematic with placed hotspots. This hotspot information will be copied automatically to other schematics after running SQL query. Only hotspots that have corresponding callouts in the Schematic Parts List will be placed to other schematics that share the same image file.


1. Open EzData.


2. In the Navigation Tree navigate to the needed schematic and open it in the Resource Display Area.


3. Make the necessary changes to it: update the image, place hotspots.


4. When all the changes are made, click Save on the Hotspot Toolbar.

5. Right click the schematic tab in the Resource Display Area and select Edit from the context menu.

6. The Resource window will open. Copy the code of the schematic from the Code field on the Main tab.


7. Start Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.


8. Open the attached feature_Copy_HotSpots_from_Resource.sql query in MSSQL Management Studio. The query should begin and end with the corresponding start/end comments.

9. Paste the copied resource code on step 6 into the @sRes variable of the query.