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Windows 8 is not compatible with MSSQLExpress 2005 


All manufacturer install disks are now available with MSSQLExpress 2008R2.  Please request an updated installation disk from your manufacturer.


To solve the problem of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and version of Windows 8 incompatibility, install SQL Server separately from EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software and then run the EzParts 5.0 Electronic Parts Catalog Software installation.

SQL Server Installation:

1. Depending on whether you have Windows 8 64-bit or Windows 8 32-bit, download a compatible version of SQL Server Express from the official Microsoft site. (SQL Server 2008/SQL Server 2012-preferable)

2. Install it following the instructions provided on the Microsoft site.

EzParts5 Advance Installation:

Run EzParts Advance Installation (EzParts5 Electronic Parts Catalog Software Installation section), paying attention to specifying correct Instance Name of MS SQL Server: