EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software Web Site allows you to Upload an Order from your business system.  The function allows an authorized user to upload the files to the Electronic Parts Catalog shopping cart with their item numbers and quantity that they wish to purchase. This function makes the buying procedures fast and convenient and prevents the need for double entry when purchasing using the manufacturer's Online Electronic Parts Catalog. Follow the instructions below to upload an item list to Electronic Parts Catalog Shopping Cart.

1. Prepare a file with an item list to be ordered according to the requirements below:

    a) an order list should consist of two columns: part number, quantity.

    b) columns should be separated by one of the following: the Tab key, comma, semicolon and three or more spaces.

    c) a file should be saved in TXT or CSV formats:

  • TXT is a file format for a text file, supported by Notepad and other text editors.

  • CSV is a file format for storing data in a structured table of lists, supported by Notepad, Microsoft Excel and other programs.

2. Sign in to EzPartsWeb Online Electronic Parts Catalog using the URL of the manufacturer’s EPC.

3. Click the  tab to open the Shopping Cart.

4. Click the Upload item list button in the Cart actions section to open the Upload item list window in the Electronic Parts Catalog, where the files with orders will be added.


5. Click the Add File button and navigate to the file with order to be added to the Shopping Cart of the Electronic Parts Catalog.


6. Select the file and click Open on the File Upload window. The file will be added to the item list in the Electronic Parts Catalog.


More than one file can be added to the upload item list following the steps 5-6:


If you want to delete a specific order from the upload item list, click the button or use Clean to delete all files from the list.

7. Click the Upload button to upload the added item lists.

If a part number is not in the manufacturer’s database, the user will be informed with the notification shown below:

8. In the Upload item list window click the Close button when you are finished with uploading the orders to the Shopping Cart. The parts will be added with the appropriate quantity to the current cart in the Electronic Parts Catalog.