While using the EzPartsWeb Electronic Parts Catalog Software, your account may be granted access to multiple price columns. The pricing columns will be displayed in the Schematic Parts List while browsing the manufacturers electronic parts catalog.

You may want to periodically hide or show price columns in the EzPartsWeb Electronic Parts Catalog Software depending on the pricing displayed in the price column.

For example, if you have a price column that shows dealer price in the electronic parts catalog, you will not want to show this price to a customer.  If a customer is at the service desk and you have the electronic parts catalog schematic and bill of material available, you may wish to show a schematic or bill of material to the customer in order to confirm the part. Before showing the customer the electronic parts catalog screen, you can hide/show the price columns in the Schematic Parts List.

1. Open a schematic with parts list by clicking it in the Navigation Tree.

2. Right click the Schematic Parts Lists and select Hide/Show prices or Prices from the context menu.

  • Hide/Show prices - This option hides/shows all price columns in the Schematic Parts List.
  • Prices - This option is used for hiding/showing specific price columns in the Schematic Parts List. If price column is checked it will be shown in the Schematic Parts List, if it is unchecked - it will be hidden.

3. Price columns will become hidden in the Schematic Parts List.

Note: Hiding/showing price column settings will be applied to all schematics within the session. After re-login, settings will reset and all price columns will be switched on.