EzParts 5.0 was installed on the network (on the server and on the client machine). When connecting to the database from the server, everything works fine.  However, some problems occur when connecting to the database from the client machine. It is impossible to connect to the database from the client machine after entering login and password. 


1. Insert DVD into the DVD-Rom. 
2. Go to the soft folder. 
3. Run SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express.msi file in order to install it. 
4. Once the program was installed, run it and connect to the server machine on the Connect to Server window. To do this, use the following steps:
a) Right click on the Server name in the Object Explorer section of the window.
b) Select Properties from the context menu.
c) On the Server Properties window, select the Security option at the left side of the screen.
d) At the Server Authentication section at the right side of the window, select “SQL Server and Windows Authentication” radio-button.

e) Click OK.
5. After this, if you do not use specific login and password for EzParts database, edit the password for your “sa” account, using the following steps:
a) In the Object Explorer section of the window navigate to the Security item, click on the plus sign near it.
b) Click the plus sign near the Logins item. 
c) Right click the “sa” account. 
d) Select Properties from the context menu; 
e) Enter new password in to the Password field. Confirm new password in the Confirm Password field. 
f) Make sure that Enforce password policy check box is selected. 
g) Click OK
6. After this, run EzParts on server, using the following steps:
a) Click the Options button on the Login window. 
b) Click the Edit button.
c) On the Edit Manufacturers window, click the Browse button at the end of the DB Connection field. 
d) On the Data Link Properties window, select “Use specific user name and password” instead of the “Use Windows NT Integrated security” option.
e) Enter “sa” in the Login field. Enter own password (specified earlier) in to the Password field. 
f) Select database from the drop-down list. 
g) Click OK. 
h) Connect to Manufacturer database using login and password supplied by Manufacturer. 
7. Repeat the same steps and select the “Use specific user name and password” option on the client machine. 

Configure your MS SQL Server 2005 (on your Windows server):

1. Select Start → Programs → MS SQL Server 2005 → Configuration Tools → SQL Server Configuration Manager
2. On the SQL Server Configuration Manager window, click on the Protocols for EZPARTS5 option under SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration
3. At the right side of the screen you should see the following items: 
- Shared Memory 
- Named Pipes
- VIA 
4. Please, make sure that all these protocols are enabled. 
5. For this right click on disabled protocols, and select Enable from the context menu. 
6. Once all the protocols are enabled, close the SQL Server Configuration Manager
7. Run MS SQL Server Management Studio Express
8. Connect to your server\EZPARTS5
9. In the Object Explorer section right click the server\EZPARTS5
10. Select Restart from the context menu. 
11. Once the server is restarted, please go to the workstation where EzParts 5.0 application is installed and try connecting to the database. 

Connect to the database from the workstation:

1. Run EzParts 5.0. 
2. On the Login window, click the Edit button. The Edit Manufacturers window should appear. 
3. Specify manufacturer name in the Name field. 
4. Click the Browse button at the end of the DB Connection field. 
5. Select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server on the Connection tab of the Data Link Properties window. 
6. Click Next
7. Specify your server\EZPARTS5
8. Select the Use a specific user name and password option. 
9. Enter “sa” in the User Name field. Enter your password. 
10. Make sure that the Allow saving password check box is selected. 
11. Click the Test Connection button. 
12. If test connection is successful, try selecting database. 
13. Click OK once database is loaded successfully.