EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software.

When manually configuring 
EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software, you do not know what to select from the Server name drop-down list on the Connection tab of the Data Link Properties window. 

To solve this issue perform the following steps: 

1. Determine your computer name using the steps below:
    a) Right click My Computer icon or press Windows+Pause. The System Properties window will be displayed. 
    b) Go to the Computer Name tab. Your computer name is specified in the Full computer name field. 
2. Go to the Start menu -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services
3. Find SQL Server (instance_name) in the list of services. 
4. Run the EzParts 5.0 application
5. On the Login screen press Options -> Edit
6. The Edit Manufacturers window appears. Click the [...] button at the end of DB Connection field. 
7. On the Provider tab, select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server and click Next
8. The Connection tab will be displayed. In the Select or enter server name drop-down list find the computer_name\instance_name 
9. Select use Windows NT Integrated security if you are not connected to corporative network, or use a specific name and password if network settings require authentification. 
10. Select the 
EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software database on the server from the drop-down list (EzParts5_...).