EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software.

During the execution of EzUpdater on the Step 3 - Updating Database: Migrating User Settings, the following error message appears: "Error migrating user settings. Please try again." 

The resources are updated, but user settings for a new database failed to update. To solve this issue, perform the following steps:

1. Close EzParts5 Updater. 
2. Open EzParts electronic parts catalog software. 
3. Select Options>> if you cannot see the Edit button. 
4. Select Edit and a new window will appear. 
5. Click the [...] button at the end of the 'DB Connection' field. 
6. On the Connection tab of the Data Link Properties window, select the latest database from the Select the database on the server drop-down list. 
7. Click OK to save the changes. 
8. Click Apply and Close on the Edit Manufacturers window. 
9. Click OK on the Login window.