EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software

In the process of installing the 
EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software, there was no message prompting the user to insert the next DVD.

To have a stable working 
EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software application with a complete manufacturer electronic parts catalog database copy the resources from the second DVD manually. Perform the following steps once the EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software installation is completed: 

1. Open Resources folder from second DVD (there you will see Images and Shell folders).
2. Highlight both Images and Shell folders (Edit –> Select All in Explorer main menu or press Ctrl+A combination on your keyboard). 
3. Copy them (Edit –> Copy in Explorer main menu or press Ctrl+C combination on your keyboard).
4. Go to My computer –> Local Disk C –> EzParts5.0_DATA –> Manufacturername (or to the other location you specified during the installation of EzParts 5.0) and paste there copied folders (Edit –> Paste or press Ctrl+V on your keyboard).