EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software

In the process of installing 
EzParts 5.0 Electronic Parts Catalog Software, the following error message appears: "Return code: 4".

To solve this issue, you need to install SQL Server separately from 
EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software and then run the EzParts 5.0 Electronic Parts Catalog Software installation.

 SQL Server installation:

1) Insert the first 
EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software disk into your DVD-ROM drive. 
2) Double-click the SQLEXPR.exe file in the following location to start a wizard that installs SQL Server 2005: DVD drive:\soft
3) On the End User Licence Agreement window, select the I accept the licence terms and conditions check-box and click Next
4) The SQL Server will first set up the prerequisite files. When this is done, click Next
5) Click Next on the introduction window. 
6) On the System Configuration Check, click Next
7) On the Registration Information window, uncheck the Hide advanced configuration options checkbox and leave the default settings. Click Next
8) On the Instance name window, select Named instance radio-button and type manually EZPARTS5. Click Next to continue. 
9) On the Authentication mode window, select Windows Authentication mode, and click Next
10) On the Configuration Options window, leave the default settings and click Next
11) On the Ready to Install window, click Next to start installation. 
12) On the Completing Setup window, click Finish

 EzParts5 installation: 

1) Insert the first 
EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software disk into the DVD-ROM drive. 
2) Double click EzParts5_setup.exe file to start Ezparts installation. 
3) On the Welcome window, click Next
4) On the Application License Agreement window, agree to the terms of the license agreement, and click Next
5) On the Database License Agreement window agree, to the terms of the license agreement and click Next
6) On the Installation Mode window, select Advanced type of the EzParts installation. 
7) On the Advanced Installation Settings window, select the Install EzParts application files and Configure Database server. Click Next
8) On the Configure Database Server window, select MS SQL Server instance for EzParts installation. Use the drop-down list to see available instances of MS SQL Server 2005 on the local computer. Select EZPARTS5 or the other name you’ve typed manually on the Instance name window of the SQL Server setup. 
9) On the Resources Settings window, select Copy resources to the following folder. The default location is C:\EzParts5.0_DATA\Manufacturer_Name. You can change this location using the Browse button at the end of the field. 
10) On the Installation Folder window, click the Browse button to change the default location or click Next to install EzParts to the default location: C:\Program Files\EzParts5
11) Click Next on the next windows to finish installation of 
EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software application.