Select Advanced installation if:

- you would like to choose the EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software components to be installed (either both application and database, application only or database only).
- you already have MSSQL Server 2005, MSSQL Server 2008, MSSQL Server 2012 installed on the current machine and would like to install manufacturer database to the installed MSSQL Server instance (and not create a new EZPARTS5 MSSQL instance). 

If you already have MSSQL installed please skip the section Installing MSSQL

SQL Server Express 2005 Installation (or newer version)

1. Insert the first 
EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software installation disk into the DVD-ROM drive. 
2. Open the soft folder and locate the SQLEXPR.EXE file on the disc.
3. Double-click the SQLEXPR.EXE file to begin installation of SQL Server Express 2005.
4. Select the ‘I accept the license terms and conditions’ checkbox, and click Next.

5. The SQL Server will first set up the prerequisite files. Once this is done, click Next.

6. Click Next on the introduction window.

7. A system configuration check is performed next. After a successful check, click Next. 

8. Registration Information - Uncheck Hide advanced configuration options, and then click Next. You do not need to change the default information for Name or Company.


9. Feature Selection - Leave the default settings, and click Next.

10. Instance Name - Check Named instance and enter EZPARTS5 into the field. Click Next.

11. Service Account - Leave the default settings, and click Next.

12. Authentication Mode - Check Mixed Mode. Set password for ‘sa’ login and click Next.

13. Collation Settings – Leave the default settings and click Next.

14. Configuration Options - Leave the selection at the default Enable User Instances.

15. Error and Usage Report Settings - Do not check these options, click Next.

16. Ready to Install - Click Install to begin the installation.

17. Setup Process - Once the components have been installed, click Next to continue.

18. Completing Setup - This window indicates that the installation has completed. Click Finish.

EzParts5 Electronic Parts Catalog Software Installation

Using Windows Explorer, find the EzParts5_setup.exe file on the first 
EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software installation DVD. Double-click this file to begin installation.

1. Go through the same steps as described in the 
EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software stand-alone install instructions until you reach the Installation Mode window. Once you get to this window, check the Advanced Installation option as shown in the EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software installation window below:

2. Advanced Installation Settings - Check both the Install EzParts5 and Configure Database Server options.

3. Configure Database Server - Check that EZPARTS5 is selected for the installation, and then click Next.

4. Resources Settings - Select Copy resources to the following folder, and then click Next.

5. Installation Folder – It is recommended that you do not change the default folder. Click Next.

6. Shortcut Folder - It is recommended that you do not change the default folder.  Click Next.

7. Ready to Install - This window shows the applications that have been installed previously, and which applications will be installed next.

8. Once the 
EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software installation process is finished, click Finish.

9. Double-click the 
EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software icon on your desktop to open the EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software application. Use your designated user name and password to log into EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software.