EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software.


Note: This article is not relevant for post January 2016 install disks or media.

The installation of EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software fails, the following error message appears: "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup was unable to install on your computer". 


1. Go to Start menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services
2. Find SQL Server (EZPARTS5) in the list of services and check the following:
       a) account, under which the Service is started, does not have enough privileges. Need to add the account to Domain Administrators or use another account to start the Service. For this right click on the SQL Server (EZPARTS5) service in the list, select Properties from the context menu; 
       b) on the Log On tab select Log on as Local System Account and save the changes; 
       c) disable your Firewall or Antivirus program; 
       d) right click the SQL Server (EZPARTS5) and select Start from the context menu. 
3. If you do not have SQL Server (EZPARTS5) service in the list, please, use the following steps:
       a) insert the first disk into the DVD-ROM drive; 
       b) open the soft folder on the disk; 
       c) double click the dotnetfx.exe file to instal .NET Framework 2.0. 
4. Start installation of EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software