EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software.


Error Message:

While updating the EzParts electronic parts catalog software manufacturer database over the internet for use by EzParts (Distributed Media) Electronic Parts Catalog Software, during the third step of the updating the EzParts 
Electronic Parts Catalog process you receive the Error Message: "Error restoring database. Please try again." as shown in the screenshot below.


This error has two possible causes:
1) The 
Electronic Parts Catalog Software's Database has already been restored in a previous update session.
2) The
Electronic Parts Catalog Software's Database cannot be restored due to incorrect connection settings or security permissions used to connect to the local instance of MSSQL Express or MSSQL server.

To solve this issue in EzParts 
Electronic Parts Catalog Software, please, follow the steps below:
1) Log in to the EzParts 
Electronic Parts Catalog Software application and check if it was updated recently.  To do this, check the main nodes publication date and compare to the manufacturers publication schedule.
2) If the EzParts 
Electronic Parts Catalog Software database was not updated yet, check the connections to SQL Server:
       a) On EzParts 
EPC Software Login screen, click Options, and then click Edit, the Edit Manufacturers window appears.
       b) Click the […] button at the DB Connection field, Data Link Properties window will appear
       c) On the Provider tab, select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, click Next
d) On the Connection tab, set up the next settings
       - enter <computer name>\<SQL Server instance name> into Select or enter a server name field. (If you do not know computer name, then right click on My Computer, select Properties, go to Computer Name tab, you will see your computer name in the Full computer name field. The SQL Server instance name is provided in brackets on the step2.)
       - Select Windows NT Integrated security option.
       - Click Test connection to be sure that it is connected successfully to the server and click OK.
3) Restart the EzParts 
Electronic Parts Catalog Software EzUpdater.