Using Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express you can easily backup, resote and execute queries against any EzParts V5 database.



If you have not installed Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express it is available in the soft folder on your original EzParts5 Distribution DVD or ISO.


Log on


After you have installed Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express you will need to start the application.  On startup you will be presented with a SQL Connect/Login window.


 You need to select the Servername to connect to.  This is the computername and MSSQL instance name where the MSSQL Database Engine was installed.  If you installed EzParts5 using the EzParts5 Application installer the server name will be computername/ezparts5


You will need to replace the computername with the name of the computer where you installed the EzParts5 database. 


If you are not sure of what login and password to use select windows authentication and make sure you are logged on your local computer system as an Administrator..  Keep in mind that if you installed EzParts5 database other than the computer you are currently running Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express on and you have not configured your firewall on the installation computer you may not be able to connect properly.  Configuring Windows firewalls is not covered by this document.


Create Database


To create a database in Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express right click on the database node shown to the right and select "New Database" from the menu.


Type a database name similar to the sample shown below and click the "OK" button.  Using standardized database naming conventions is suggested. 



Restoring a database


Right click on the database you wish to restore



Select Tasks | Restore | Database from the menu.  This will open the Database Restore dialog window.

If you are restoring from a .BAK or backup file then under source select "From Device" and click on the ellipsis button (shown below highlighted in yellow) to select the backup file to restore from.

The Specify Backup window will be displayed.  Click add to add your backup file.  A directory navigation window/file selection window will be displayed.  Select your .BAK or backup file and click "OK"


to return to the Restore Database window.  In the Select The Backup Sets To Restore area you will see a new backup file listed.  Place a checkmark next to this backup file to select it.


Under Options on the left of your Restore database Window you need to select Overwrite Existing Database and Leave the database ready to use as shown to the right and below.  Make sure all other options are unchecked or not selected.

Once you have configured these restore options you are ready to restore your database by clicking on the "OK" Button.


Assigning Login Permissions

You can assign user permissions to the database by expanding the Security Node and Login Node and double click on the EzParts50Login user entry in the tree  as shown on the left


This will display the Login Properties Dialog Window.  On the left of the window select User Mapping.


This will allow you to assign the user access to databases on your server.


In the users mapped to this login section click the checkboxes next to any databases that this

user should be able to access.

and click on the elipses button to set the default schema to "dbo" as shown in the screenshot below.





For Each database selection in the grid check the appropriate Role in the Database Role Membership on the bottom portion of the Login Properties Dialog Window.  For each EzParts5 Database that this user will access you should set the role to db_owner and public as shown in the screenshot to the left.



When completed click on the OK button.  The user EzParts50Login should now be able to access the new database.