Backing Up your EzParts Data requires that you backup 2 items


1) EzParts Database

2) EzParts Resources


Step 1

Backing up the EzParts Database


Open Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express (if you do not have SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express  you can find the installer in the soft folder on the  ISO image provided by Systems Online.  )


Navigate to and right click on your database.


Select Tasks | Backup from the menu as shown below.

This will open the “Back Up Database Dialog Shown below


I prefer to REMOVE any backup destinations that may be already defined out of habit to ensure the backup is going to the correct place.


Select any backup destinations and click remove.


Your backup destinations should look like:



Click the Add Button.



Click the ellipsis next to file name and navigate to the backup file you wish to overwrite then click OK OR Select the directory (sample shown below)  where you want the backup file created and type a backup file name and click Ok.  Your Backup file name should have the extension BAK (This way it is easy to identify your backup files)




















You will be returned to the Backup Database Dialog

On the Options Tab you MUST specify OVERWRITE ALL EXISTING MEDIA

you also have the option of selecting verification or checksum for validation/reliability


Once you have made your Database BAK File you should remember its location and file name.  You will want to make a copy of this file to a DVD (ALONG WITH RESOURCES) to ensure that the data in this file is safe. 


If you are publishing to the Web you will need to provide this file for restoring on the Web Server.


Step 2


Locating and Backing Up EzParts Resources



Open the EzData Login Screen

If the Login Screen looks like the one below then click on the options Button and proceed to the next instruction. (Options button displays all the options available for logging in that are normally hidden if you have clicked the save password checkbox)



Click on the Edit Button as shown in the Login Screen Below.  This will display all the EzParts datasets and their configurations on your computer.



Select the database in the list on the left (marked in yellow) and identify the Resources Location displayed on the Vendor Information Area on the right.  This drive and path is the location to your resources that are used and maintained by EzData.  If you look inside this path using My Computer you should find a Resources and Images  folder.


Without these folders EzParts will not be able to display data correctly.  You must make sure that these folders are included in your backup along with the BAK file created in Step 1