EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software.


Customer installed EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software successfully. When he runs EzParts Electronic Parts Catalog Software version 5.0 he does not have any manufacturers available for selection in the drop down list. They customer has added a new manufacturer, but when they click Close on the Edit Manufacturer window they receive the error message "Bad IL format" and the manufacturer configuration is not saved. 

This issue can be caused by some bug in .NET Framework 3.5. Check if the customer has only Microsoft .Net Version 3.5 SP1. and does not have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. To install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0using the following steps:

  1. Insert the Manufacturer Disk 1 in the DVD reader on your computer where the EzParts electronic parts catalog software is installed.
  2. Go to the "soft: folder on the DVD.
  3. Find there dotnetfx.exe file, run it by double clicking on the icon or file name.
  4. This will execute the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Installation.
  5. Answer any question or click the required prompts to install the framework.
  6. Manually add the manufacturer to EzParts electronic parts catalog software:
    • run the EzParts 5.0 electronic parts catalog software;
    • click Options->Edit on the Login window;
    • on the Edit Manufacturers window click Add button;
    • input the name of the manufacturer in the Name textbox;
    • click Browse button after DB Connection textbox;
    • on the Provider tab select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server from the list;
    • go to the Connection tab. In Select or enter server name dropdown list find the name of customer's computer and after \ the name of SQLServer;
    • on the second step select use Windows NT Integrated security if the customer uses his local computer and he is not connected to corporate network, or select Use a specific name and password if the customer's network settings require authentification;
    • select the appropriate database on the server from the dropdown list (EzParts5_databasename);
    • click OK to save the changes made;

  7. Click Browse button after the Resource location textbox.
  8. Navigate for folder with necessary resources and press OK when finish.
  9. Click Close to add new manufacturer.

If the problem persists and the customer still receives the error, configure EzParts electronic parts catalog software to use the automated launcher:  

  1. Go to My Computer -> Local Disk C -> Program Files -> EzParts5.
  2. Find file StartInfo.xml.
  3. Make a right click on the StartInfo.xml and select Open with from the context menu. Then select Notepad. (If there is no Notepad in the program list, then select Choose Program... and then find Notepad in the Open with window). 
  4. Edit the required configuration data 
  5. Save the changes made and run EzParts electronic parts catalog.
  6. When Login window appears in Manufacturer drop down list you should see the manufacturer added in the automated launcher configuration file.